Michelle (muzikjunkie) wrote,

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Weekend of 1/11

So I learned a little about myself this weekend and figured it would be best that I write them down to remember.

1. I need to remember the four agreements to remind myself to never make assumptions. I clearly made myself feel unnecessary emotions before realizing the truth of it all.
2. I now know how to sing on rockband.
3. I really AM IN LOVE with luby's.
4. I like mosaic more and more every time i see a new piece

I think thats it for now..i need to get back to work...
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well luby's and i are already bf & gf....so go get your own wt cafeteria, whore!

love ya!

oh yea...we'll your lubys bf is my babys papa - so check yo self biatch.

ew, gross.